Dynatronz Challenger – Electric Scooter

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The Dynatronz Challenger is the lite version of the Pro Variant. It’s perfect for daily trots and strolls with a max range of 40 KM and a top speed of 40 – 50 KPH. You’ll surely get to where you need to be, really fast. It also comes with the great option to place a soft seat mount. If you like max comfort. Bumps on the road is no big deal also because this electric scooter Philippines is perfectly enough.


Enjoy commuting freedom with the Dynatronz Challenger Electric Scooter!

This electric scooter Philippines is the perfect companion for the modern-day hustle of getting around the city and intercity (if you have a place to charge it when not in use).

It is a versatile piece of personal mobility device that has the option for seated riding and standing option, which are all already integrated in the unit.

Oh and we forgot to mention that this e scooter for sale can also be folded for maximum space-saving! You can store it in your garage or even in your room.

Once you see it in person, you can notice the finer details like the headlights + switch, the speed, battery, and gear indicator display screen, and many more!

Contact us today to learn more and have a free test ride!

Additional information

Top Speed

40 – 50 KPH


40 KM

Charging Time

5 – 6 Hours


350 Watts


36V, 10AH


Front and Rear Disc Brakes


10" Tubeless Off-road Tires


Army Green, White, Grey

1 review for Dynatronz Challenger – Electric Scooter

  1. chris chris

    As a basic kick-scooter with seat, the challenger e-scooter is a beast to contend with. But I would purchase the pro version soon for much faster performance and maneuverability.

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