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Electric Bikes/ e-Bikes

Why settle for today’s cheap two-wheeled transportation vehilcles like motorcycles (but with super high gas prices) if you can just settle for a reliable e-bike for your everyday use?

With an electric bike you can continously get to your destination without being frustrated ever again with the increasing gas prices. Apart from significantly being less expensive, e-bikes can match or even outperform both traditional bikes and motorbikes/ scooters. Plus they are also portable and can run on very long distances daily. you can ride it or ride with!

Below you will find our current collection of Dynatronz e-bikes:

Test Drive / Virtual Drive Experience

Dynatronz T26 POV Ride Experience

Electric Scooters/ e-Scooters

If you need to go to places very fast and move around the traffic easily, electric scooters are the best vehicle right now!

Compared to traditional manual scooters or kick scooters, e-scooters comes with an electric motor that makes it an incredible life-saver for quick detours:

Want to go to a friend’s house but don’t want to use the car? Buying something from a nearby store and don’t want to commute? Want to carry your own personal vehicle to new places? 

Below you will find our current Dynatronz electric scooters:

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Test Drive / Virtual Drive Experience

Dynatronz Challenger Pro Ride Experience

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