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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an ebike or e-bike exactly?

ebikes or e-bikes is the short term for electric bicycles. Compared to the usual bicycles, e bikes have an electric motor, which enable acceleration without pedaling. The electric bike can still be used as a normal bike or in combination with the motorized acceleration called “pedal-assist.” Where the user pedals while the bike’s electric motor is in use.

What is an electric scooter or stand up scooter?

Like an ebike, an electric scooter or stand up scooter has an electric motor that allows the automatic acceleration of the e scooter. This enables a kick-free scooter ride experience — turning the regular scooter — into a commute-ready personal vehicle.

How fast can e bikes and electric scooters go?

As fast as it needs to be.
A little background:
Initially, e bikes and electric scooters were only meant for recreational use only. However, as the need for alternative forms of daily commute became more apparent. the speeds and range of these personal mobility aids became more comparable to the traditional motorcycles we see today.
There are still models that fall below the speed requirement to be considered as a vehicle (<25 KPH), but we also now have ebikes and escooters that can go up tp 50 KPH.

What is Dynatronz?

Dynatronz Philippines is the authority seller/ distributor of Dynatronz brand electric bike and electric scooter in the country. As a brand, we sell mid tier to high tier products. On both e bike and electric scooter Philippines.

What can you offer aside from selling electric bikes and e scooters?

We offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty on battery, motherboard, and motor PLUS 1-year after sales service on all parts.
We have a dedicated service center with fully-equipped specialists/ technicians to handle all manner of maintenance and upgrades at the same time.

Which is better? e bike or e scooter?

As best practice, choose e bikes for long distance travel/ commute, which is upwards of 20 KM or more. Choose e scooters for any distance less than 20 KM. But ultimately, it depends on the user and the experience he or she wants to get out of using either products.
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