What Are Dynatronz Electric Scooters?

Electric Scooter Philippines Top Seller for Dynatronz

We are the primary distributor of e scooter for sale of Dynatronz challenger series e kick scooters. We are the only pro scooter shop in manila where enthusiasts and early tech adopters converge. Browse this page to learn more what’s included in our Dynatronz electric scooter products.

Race-Ready, Affordable & Precise Electric Scooter for Sale Philippines

This is for you wants to go the distance fast, efficient, and comfortable above the rest.


Convertible Scooter Designs

Easily fold your electric scooter on the go, put a seat or stand on your e scooter based on your needs. Ride the way you always wanted.


Top Performance, Low Maintenance

Enjoy the use of your e kick scooter daily for short to long term commutes ranging from 40 KM – 50 KM in just a single charge!


Tons of Useful Customizations Available

We are the only pro scooter shop manila that does exceptional customizations like submerged waterproofing, visor and lights design, and several finishing detail options.

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Why do we have the best Electric Scooter Philippines?

Apart from our proven product quality, our team who educates each customer believes in the concept of alternative transportation vehicles such as e scooters. Making each purchase meaningful.

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What’s included in your Dynatronz e scooter Philippines?

Depending on the season we provide freemium items that will you further maximize your use of your electric vehicle.

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Building Tools

You’ll use these tools to easily assemble your electric scooter in one solid piece. Don’t worry, it rarely takes more than 10 – 15 minutes to do.

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Power Brick / Charger

Ideally, you want to always use the power brick / charger included in your purchase for the best charging times and input to output performance.

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Daily Customer Support

For any question, our customer care team is more than ready daily to take in queries you have about your electric bikes from 8am to 8pm.

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User Manual Guide

Here you can go up, close and personal with technical product specifications of your electric unit and model. The best ways to use it and how to maintain it.

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Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Main Contact Hotline +63 956 986 8014
Open 8am-9pm Daily

Free shipping for Metro Manila

Enjoy free same-day delivery shipping in Metro Manila when you order any unit today!


2-Year Warranty & Guarantee

Get 7 days parts replacement in case of factory defects, 1-year warranty for mainboard, battery, and motor PLUS 1-year after sales service for all parts!


365 Days/ Year Reliable Service

Our showroom and service center is open daily! We attend to any trouble you might find on the way concerning your vehicle.