What Are Dynatronz E-Bikes?

We are the primary distributor of Dynatronz eBike for Sale Philippines. We have electric folding bikes and standard non-foldable electric bikes for maximum structural quality and performance. Browse this page to learn more about our best e bike Philippines collection for Dynatronz.

Power, Speed & Range eBike for sale Philippines

This is for you who wants the best possible velocity in your travels in a range that only you can cross.


Amazing Mileage: Speed & Range

Ride up to 55 KM – 100 KM in a single charge and rev up comfortably at 28 KM/H – 50 KM/H in a breeze! Speed up and have a blast!


Top-Class Performance: Motor Capacity

Get your best electric bike yet. We have a professional service center that can ensure your maintenance needs is a GO all year round.


Great Value Battery Capacity Options

Get the battery option based on your needs ranging from your need, we do customizations too if you need to last further.

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Portability, Economy, & Model Best Electric Bikes

This is for you who like to mix things up: ride with your electric bike and travel with it too.


Ride It or With It

Easily switch between riding your electric bike or using the electric folding bike Philippines feature. Fold horizontally or vertically.


Easy Battery Management

No need to charge your ebike – just the battery! That’s right, our portable battery makes it easier to charge your electric vehicles with ease.


Innovative Model & Design

Dynatronz eBike are among the most well thought designs in the market today. Look over our collection to learn more.

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Why do we have the best ebike for sale Philippines?

To put it simply, we care about the quality of our products and after-sales. We’re the only ones who give professional after sales service warranty and customizations based on what clients want.

Dyantronz e-Bike Reviews

What’s included in your Dynatronz e bike Philippines?

Depending on the season we provide freemium items that will you further maximize your use of your electric vehicle.

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Building Tools

You’ll use these tools to easily assemble your electric bike in one solid piece. Don’t worry, it rarely takes more than 10 – 15 minutes to do.

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Power Brick / Charger

Ideally, you want to always use the power brick / charger included in your purchase for the best charging times and input to output performance.

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Daily Customer Support

For any question, our customer care team is more than ready daily to take in queries you have about your electric bikes from 8am to 8pm.

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User Manual Guide

Here you can go up, close and personal with technical product specifications of your electric unit and model. The best ways to use it and how to maintain it.

VSC Building, 2313 Taft Avenue, corner Castro,
Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Main Contact Hotline +63 956 986 8014
Open 8am-9pm Daily

Free shipping for Metro Manila

Enjoy free same-day delivery shipping in Metro Manila when you order any unit today!


2-Year Warranty & Guarantee

Get 7 days parts replacement in case of factory defects, 1-year warranty for mainboard, battery, and motor PLUS 1-year after sales service for all parts!


365 Days/ Year Reliable Service

Our showroom and service center is open daily! We attend to any trouble you might find on the way concerning your vehicle.