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Meet the Team & Their Daily Efforts!

Here at Dynatronz PH, we are comprised of really amazing, youthful and dedicated bunch of people. We are proud to work with them all-day!

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Robert, CEO

Robert is hands-down a people-person. He is a leader by example and always makes time to help others when they need it the most. He often comes up with honest approach to selling our products beyond what any competitor is willing to give.

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Enrique, CFO

On the other end of the spectrum, enrique is the quiet partner but ultra sharp partner. He handles all the financial resources and come up with cost-saving strategies all the time. He ensures continuous opertation of Dynatronz 365 days per year. He is a math wizard also.

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Vinz, Sales Manager

Vince or Sir Vince as people like to refer to him is a warm and very respectable manager. He gets the job done and will ensure all protocols and system are done accordinly. He is the type of person who will not leave a sinking ship, but help save it every time it needs to.

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EJ, Sales Leader

EJ or Sir EJ is the kind of sales person who will not go home without a sale. He is the first person in and the last person out of the showroom. He works towards selling honestly, but doing it in the most exciting and positive way. He is our most requested guy for repeat and loyal customers.

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Mae, Store Manager

When it comes to keeping things in line and in check and all costs are accounter for, Fraulein is the one who handles all that. She has extremely sharp memory and works hard to maintain professionalism and courtesy for the entire team. She is someone every talks in confidence.

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Frankie, Sales Coordinator

Frankie is the one who handles hundred upon hundreds of inquiries per day. He is a master coordinator and can multi-task 50 leads at once! He is a persuasive salesperson and can almost certainly sell our Dynatronz Challenger Scooter since its also his favorite item in the shop.

Cliford Serohijos customer care team picture

Cliff, Machine Experts

Since our main service is also the repair and maintenance of e-bike & scooters, Cliff is the most vital person in our daily operation. He is a self-taught genuis-level machine expert technician for electrical motors. He can do repairs and diagnostics while having breakfast!

pouya khalili about us picture

Jepz, Graphics Director

Now Jepz is the friendliest person in the company. On top of creating the Dynatronz logo and materials, he is also a very good singer and the life of parties. He is easy to talk to and be good friend with. But when it’s work time, he is often very focused on work and is scary to be disturbed.

frank vidal customer care team picture

Greg, Electrical Engineer

We all have a a guess that one of these days, our gingeneer (engineer) Mr. Greg will become a billionaire. While he’s not directly repairing electric components, he is often inventing new things and playing around parts that we can’t evin begin to understand. Really smart guy!

VSC Building, 2313 Taft Avenue, corner Castro,
Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Main Contact Hotline +63 956 986 8014
Open 8am-9pm Daily

Free shipping for Metro Manila

Enjoy free same-day delivery shipping in Metro Manila when you order any unit today!


2-Year Warranty & Guarantee

Get 7 days parts replacement in case of factory defects, 1-year warranty for mainboard, battery, and motor PLUS 1-year after sales service for all parts!


365 Days/ Year Reliable Service

Our showroom and service center is open daily! We attend to any trouble you might find on the way concerning your vehicle.